Dream Job?: Westword Seeks Pot Reviewer


“Do you have a medical condition that necessitates marijuana? Do you have a way with words? If so, Westword wants you to join the ranks as our freelance marijuana-dispensary reviewer.”

It’s true. The Denver-based altweekly is looking for a freelancer to visit various dispensaries and write impartial reviews. Of the establishment, not of the medicine. Duh. “After all, we can’t have our reviewer be stoned all the time.”

You’ll need a state medical marijuana ID, and Westword is not going to expense your purchases. (Oh.)

“Think you’ve got what it takes? Send a resume (informal is okay; handwritten on rolling papers isn’t) and a one-paragraph essay on “What Marijuana Means to Me” to joe[dot]tone@westword.com.”

The paper’s said they may publish the funniest submissions (with full names removed), so feel free to be hilarious. The comments are already pretty good: one commenter points out that a patient can only be registered at one dispensary at a time; and commenter “tam” posts a rebuttal:

I have sort of made it a activity to go to different dispeneries around denver and one north. Some have a rule that you can only use them once with out becoming a member but,I have not found anyone decline my request for meds. I guess you could call me a kind of collector of some of the finer strains and mixing some of the various strains looking for a good balance of mind and body. with some of the LARGE selections of new and old genetics some of the dispensaries have I have found many ways of releaving both pains in body and mind. Some people go antiquing I go dispensering!