Drawquest is a Free Drawing App and Community for Social Artists

Drawquest is more than your typical drawing application – it gives you a daily drawing quest and offers a social platform to share your creations. Drawquest users can also watch stroke-by-stroke videos of drawings to see how images are made.

The makers of Drawquest thinks the app can help cultivate creativity by giving users daily prompts. An unfinished drawing and a selection of colors and tools accompany each prompt. Successful completions of quests are rewarded with coins that are used to purchase more colors. In-app purchases are offered for impatient artists who want more colors immediately.

The app and drawing tools result in cartoonish looking images, but the makers of Drawquest does not believe that high art is necessary to foster creativity:

Creativity isn’t a mystical gift passed on to some people and not others. Creativity is like brushing your teeth — it’s a healthy habit you should make time for every day.

DrawQuest isn’t about “winning” or becoming the next Picasso. DrawQuest is about re-learning to express yourself creatively and sticking with it. Everything about DrawQuest — from our simple drawing tools to the ability to star and play back drawings — was designed to foster a community of budding creators.