Draw Something Scam On Twitter

If you tweet about your love of Draw Something, the popular Pictionary-style game that everyone is playing right now, you may find yourself targeted by hackers trying to get your personal information.

According to Sophos, there are Twitter accounts “spamming users, telling them that they have won a prize.” These fake accounts appear to have set up auto-responders for anyone tweeting the words “draw something.” The reply to users contains a link to a page that takes them through screens requesting personal information.

Most of us would stop right there, of course, but as the game is wildly popular there will undoubtedly be a few game lovers who will fall for the ploy. And unlike the spammy direct messages that try to convince you to visit a website where “someone is saying something horrible about you,” these messages at least seem plausible. (I mean, who would say something bad out you, really?) Check out this screenshot (from S0phos) of what you can expect if you click through to claim your “prize.” And visit the Sophos article for more detail about the rogue accounts.

FYI – I tweeted “draw something” and didn’t receive a reply (yet), so it looks like the two scam accounts are closed for now – but be on the lookout for more copycats!

(Masked man image from Shutterstock)