Drag Queens Ditch Facebook for Ello

Emerging social net allows aliases

Social network Ello is seeing an increase in signups after a Facebook backlash sent drag queens there, looking for a place that lets them use alternate identities. Launched in July, Ello differs from Facebook by allowing users to remain anonymous and provide fake names.

Facebook users are now required to create accounts under their legal names; otherwise, the site reserves the right to suspend their profiles. Since an LGBT protest erupted against Facebook's fake name policy, more than 4,000 new users are joining Ello each hour, according to site founder Paul Budnitz.

A group of musicians and radio personalities have also protested the policy.

Facebook sent a statement to Business Insider: "If people want to use an alternative name on Facebook, they have several different options available to them, including providing an alias under their name on their profile, or creating a page specifically for that alternative persona."

Ello capitalized on the uproar, but the increased attention also highlighted concerns with its own policies, including the fact that users can't block messages from other members or filter content. Ello now says these features are coming.