Draplin Talks Shop, Ideas and Gary


A great interview over at the site Hear Hear with Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., one of our favorite designers and a good friend to the place we call home during the day. In it, he talks about his progression, going from an employee at a design firm to striking out on his own and becoming the sought-after, extremely popular freelancer he is today, as well as getting into some various musings about the industry itself and how odd it can be from time to time to work from home, among several other very interesting bits of conversation. Here’s a little:

Yes, I think designers need to dig into our role in society. But, I don’t have the answer, and, in running the day-to-day racket of “making stuff for good people” I just try to take gigs that I’ll be proud of in the end, love the people I work for, and, give ’em my all. I mean, fuck this talk about “easy” or “just get through it” work. Have some pride and do yer best. Big gigs or small gigs. An honest effort comes back to ya in the end.