Dragon Remote Microphone for iPhone Acts as Wireless Mic for Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a PC

Nuance’s latest free iPhone app (it also works on an iPad) highlights a simple but useful way that smartphones can interoperate with other devices beyond file syncing.

Dragon Remote Microphone (iTunes App Store)

Dragon Remote Microphone turns on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (with built-in mic) into a high quality wireless microphone for use with Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC (version 11.5 or newer) software on Microsoft Windows.

Dragon Remote Microphone works with the desktop software over WiFi. If Apple’s Bonjour network discovery software is installed on Windows, the app will find the PC automatically. If not, network information can be entered manually. Nuance notes that security settings may prevent the app from working:

The Dragon Remote Microphone application will likely not work on certain WiFi networks, due to security restrictions. Some public networks such as in popular restaurant and coffee house chains restrict device to device networking for security, and the Dragon Remote Microphone will not work there. Also, in some office environments, the IT Security setting may also be such that it inhibits the communication between your Dragon Remote Microphone and your computer running Dragon. You should contact your IT department if this is the case.

Via ipodnn: Nuance intros Dragon Remote Microphone for iOS

Video courtesy of Nuance Dragon