Dragon Go! from Nuance: Free App for iPhone That Answers Questions You Speak

Speech recognition is one of those functions that works well and is desirable under some conditions (e.g., voice dialing while driving) and doesn’t make sense under others (e.g., dictating a report while in a crowded cubicle environement). Some speech recognition applications are great show pieces but might not be practical. Nuance’s new free iPhone app leans toward this category.

Dragon Go!

Nuance describes Dragon Go! like this: Dragon Go! knows what you want simply by how you say it! And it will deliver you directly to the best mobile sites offering what you want– such as Fandango for movie showtimes and trailers, Accuweather.com for local weather updates, Pandora® internet radio, Yelp for local reviews, recommendations and more!

It may be the nature of the kind of search it promotes, but I found its word recognition far below other Nuance apps I’ve tried like Dragon Dictation (one of my favorite apps). The, there’s the question of where you are most likely to use the app. Will the environment always be quiet? Having said that, the 21 people who have rated it so far in the iTunes app store are much more impressed than I am. They gave it 4.5 star average customer rating.

Video courtesy of NuanceMobile