Dragon Dictation for Windows Phone Only for LG Optimus: App Fragmentation Already?

Nuance’s Dragon line of products have provided speech recognition capabilities to desktop computers for years. More recently, we’ve seen their software providing speech recognition for mobile devices including the iPhone. Dragon announced this week that Dragon Dictation is providing speech recognition for Windows Phone powered LG smartphones.

Dragon Powers New LG Voice-to-Text App for Windows Phone 7 Devices

While this is good news for the single device it supports, the LG Optimus, it points out an app fragmentation that we’re starting to see in Windows Phone devices. HTC, for example, provides an app store for Windows Phone devices they manufacture. I see two versions of Netflix in the Windows Phone marketplace: A generic app and what appears to be a version tailored for T-Mobile. Windows Phone’s success depends on a unified app story for its users. App fragmentation may help one manufacturer or carrier for a short time. But, it will not help the platform for the long run.