Dragon’s Lair Comic Coming Soon to An iPhone Near You

The eBook app developer iStoryTime has just announced the imminent release of a new 6 part comic book app.

Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair Comic revives a popular nearly 30 year video game and brings much of the same humor to a new visual form. The comics app will shortly be available in iTunes. It’s free and comes with 1 free comic. The 5 later comics can be bought from inside the app for $2.

I have to say that I find the comics more interesting for their history than the content. They’re based on a video game which was released in 1983 as Dragon’s Lair. It was released on a laserdisc – not a cartridge, floppy, or tape – a laserdisc. This alone is noteworthy, considering how rare laserdiscs were even when they were on the market. I myself have never seen more than a handful of laserdiscs, and the only player I ever saw belonged to a school.

That game was also re-released for the iPhone back in 2010, so if you like you can alternate reading about the adventures with playing them.