Drag and drop your media files across multiple sites

What started as a Flash-based media manager that lets users create slide shows and share pictures with their online friends that goes by the name Oosah is now a full-featured web 2.0 application. Oosah now works not only with digital photos but other digital media such as videos and music/audio files. But that’s just a sampler of what Oohsah can do, there’s actually many more.

Just recently, Oosah has transformed itself into a full featured rich “web 2.0” content hosting site. With a 2GB storage limit, Oosah lets you upload digital content, store it in Oosah. In addition, Oosah also now provides you with web file management system that lets you drag and drop your digital content across multiple sites. Think of it as your online desktop’s file manager.

Among Oosah’s most notable features are:

  • file folder creation with hierarchies
  • use of standard drag and drop and keyboard commands for its operation
  • accepts content in various digital format
  • upload directly from capture device (including digital camera, cellphone)
  • various sharing options such as RSS, email, linking, embedding, SMS, podcasting, downloading and burning CD/DVD.