Drag And Drop Files To Your Android Phone

I’ve written in the past of ways that you can transfer files from a personal computer to an Android phone with applications like SwiFTP or services like Dropbox. Both of the options I wrote about previously require a home network or pre-installation of software on a PC. Today I learned about another service called Awesome Drop that only requires that you have the Awesome Drop app installed on your Android phone, and you can then drag and drop files from any PC to it.
First, install the free Awesome Drop app from the Android Market and then start the app. Next open http://labs.dashwire.com on a desktop computer using either FireFox 3.6, Safari 5, or Chrome 5. In order for the program to work you must use a desktop web browser that supports HTML5, which unfortunately means that Awesome Drop does not work with Internet Explorer.
When you go to the web site you will see a four digit PIN that you then enter in the Awesome Drop app on the phone. After you enter the code on the phone a connection is made between the web site and your phone, and you know it is ready to work when the phone shows that it is “waiting for drop” and the box on the web page that previously displayed the PIN now shows a green box that says “drop files here.”
To transfer a file from the PC to the phone, simply drag and drop the file into the box and the file will instantly transfer to the phone. I was surprised to find that the app works even on a phone running Android 1.6 because I assumed Awesome Drop was using Google’s push notifications that came with Android 2.2, however that appears to not be the case.
Even though Awesome Drop requires some specific desktop web browsers, it is still a very handy service to quickly transfer files to an Android phone. You will find Awesome Drop for free in the Android Market.