Syracuse Students Say Yes to Dr. Who Class

DrWhoClassLogoEven though Professor Anthony Rotolo’s Spring 2015 Dr. Who offering will not be an official class, that hasn’t stopped Syracuse University students from signing up. The fact that the course is free and comes with no homework may also have something to do with it.

Per a Facebook post from the instructor, he’s quickly raced past the number of actors who have played the titular part for the BBC:

More than 200 students have registered in just under two days! Many are Syracuse University students with majors ranging from communications and media to science, tech, film, history and education. Others are students at nearby colleges like Clarkson, SUNY Upstate Medical and Utica College. Others still are friends, alumni and members of the Syracuse area community.

This is old hat for Rotolo, who is also responsible for a Newhouse School Star Trek class and an acclaimed social media primer.

For some, the Dr. Who class may be translated into accredited independent-study course work. Sessions will run Monday 6-8 p.m. beginning in January. The class already has its own Twitter account – @WhoClass.

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