Expert Assails Dr. Phil Ahead of Episode About Mail Order Brides

There hasn’t been this much off-stage excitement about a Dr. Phil episode since golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams was unwisely reunited with family members.

Mark Edwards Davis, owner of matchmaking service, was in the audience for the taping of tomorrow’s look at the business of mail order brides. He met his wife Anna four years ago during a Ukraine “romance tour” and says show producers were guilty of pursuing a one-sided agenda:

“My wife and I sat in the audience with more knowledge and experience about this topic than everyone paraded on stage, including the host,” said Davis. “The 60 seconds of airtime we got to defend the truth about overseas dating was even an exception. Sadly, the producer told us before the show they had not planned on having anyone on with a positive story.”

Davis and his wife (pictured) plan a live stream on their website one hour ahead of Dr. Phil Friday, in an attempt to better showcase the opposing view. The entrepreneur is used to this kind of media treatment; once, during an appearance on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, his fabled Ukrainian mail order brides were labeled “high class prostitutes.”