Dr. Ezzy Makes a Mean Kung Pao?

WaPo‘s Ezra Klein is many things to many people. To the American Medical Student Association, he is a “provocateur” who writes about the “hottest policy” ideas out there. Do “hot” and “policy” even belong in the same sentence? The association held a conference in Washington this weekend, where Klein was among the keynote speakers along with Patch Adams, a doctor and a clown depicted in the movie, Patch Adams, starring actor/comedian Robin Williams.

We’ve highlighted the eyebrow-raising parts of Klein’s bio from the Medical Association website. An obvious question: Why is Ezra speaking at a medical conference? We sometimes refer to him as a professor (he’s not really, but sometimes acts like one). But a doctor too? “Dr. Ezra Klein” does have a smashing ring to it.  We hope, like Patch, that someday he will consider clown school.

Ezra Klein
Journalist, Blogger, Provocateur, The Washington Post

Ezra Klein is a journalist, blogger, political commentator and all around provocateur. Working for The Washington Post, Klein writes an opinionated blog on economic policy, collapsing banks, cap and trade, health care reform and pretty much anything else you can attach a chart. His blog points to the hottest policy ideas on the Web and provides his own up-to-the-minute take. Before coming to The Post, he was an associate editor at the American Prospect. Klein has appeared as a guest on CNN, MSNBC, NPR and C-SPAN and lots of obscure online radio shows! Word has it that he is a great cook and makes a mean kung pao. Klein is a 2005 graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles. You can follow Ezra on Twitter – @ezraklein