Is Dr. Drew Blaming the Victim of Domestic Violence?

Michael Lohan was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly assaulting his ex-fiancee Kate Major. Major, you may recall, is a former Los Angeles journalist who gave up her job at Star magazine to date Jon Gosselin. So she’s guilty of terrible taste in men. But is she guilty of somehow causing Lohan to assault her?

Dr. Drew, who treated Lohan during Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab, said in a statement regarding the recent incident:

This is what he and Kate do routinely. This is the pattern they’re in. Unless they both go get treatment, this isn’t going to change!

What kind of treatment does Major need to get to ensure she doesn’t get beaten up by her ex? Some kind of punching bag rehab?

The only person responsible for Lohan’s violence is Lohan himself. For a high-profile mental health professional to publicly suggest otherwise is irresponsible, and perpetuates the misconception that battered women are somehow “asking for it.”

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Major has already taken important steps to ensure her physical safety, including leaving her abusive partner and filing for a restraining order. Bodyguards and mace would offer much better protection against violence than Dr. Drew’s “treatment.”