Downie Roundup

  • Jon Meachem pulls out of Washington Post executive editor search.

    >UPDATE: Says one reader about Kaiser’s above piece:

      Charles Kaiser is busy patting himself on the back for predicting five weeks ago that Downie was going to announce his retirement. Whoopee. Great scoop, Charles, as every other media reporter was reporting the same thing. What Kaiser should really be doing, though, is giving himself a kick in the ass for “reporting,” in that same piece, that David Ignatius was a “leading inside candidate” for the job.

  • Howard Kurtz‘s online chat addresses Len Downie’s departure and what’s next.

  • The New York Times’ write-up.

  • Downie says his job is like conducting an orchestra.

  • Don Graham’s farewell speech.

  • Downie Deserves Plaudits — But Remember the Run-up to War

    (Hat Tip: Romenesko)