Dowd Jones-ing

If you haven’t gotten enough of MoDo recently, here are some choice bits from her glowing New York magazine profile.

  • Dowd and ex-boyfriend John Tierney share a bathroom at their NYT office. Says Dowd: “We share a bathroom, which I guess could have ended up happening if we’d gotten married.”

  • The cool kids at the NYT Campus are Dowd and her posse: Michiko Kakutani and Alessandra Stanley…”think Heathers, but nice.” Many believe that they get “special treatment because its members use their charm instrumentally — an occupational hazard for successful women that runs roughly proportional to their level of physical attractiveness. And then there is their extremely close proximity to Jill Abramson.”

  • Even now, ex-President Bush emails Dowd. Abramson says “It’s like an illicit friendship he has with her.”