DoubleVerify Aims to Police Web Ads

Many have long suspected that the online advertising space is full of crooks and shady characters, but it’s too difficult for any one company or organization to police.

Enter the fast-growing online verification firm DoubleVerify, which aims to play digital cop. The company has formed a new division specifically aimed at weeding out the dicey or outright criminal aspects of online advertising. According to officials, the Advertising Fraud Detection Lab will aim to identify and expose online advertising fraud on a real-time basis.

DoubleVerify believes it can do so because its tools are being used by an increasing number of advertisers to ensure that their campaigns run as they are supposed to. That theoretically provides the company a wide enough view to “police” the Internet.

DoubleVerify wishes to expose the sort of gamesmanship that some believe is rampant on the Web’s long tail. For example, the company said it would nail sites that run multiple banners atop each other to gain credit for ad impressions that consumers will never actually see — or sites that run tiny ads that are essentially hidden from the average user’s view.

Similarly, DoubleVerify claims it will go after sites that steal ad tags — resulting in ads running on inappropriate sites — and affiliate program abuses. Besides ad fraud, the company plans to also use its new Detection Lab to expose sites that employ spyware and malware.

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