DoubleClick Releases Mobile Ad Tools

ClickZ is reporting that DoubleClick just released DoubleClick Mobile, a Web software package that will provide ad trafficking and yield optimization for campaigns designed to appear on cell phones.

According to the report, the company also plans to release a mobile ad management product for advertisers sometime in 2008, said Ari Paparo, DoubleClick’s VP of rich media and emerging technologies.

“The product is oriented toward media companies that are publishing mobile,” Paparo said in the ClickZ report. “What we’ve seen over the past year is the approach of a tipping point. Most media companies are publishing mobile content and are monetizing that. It’s getting to the point where it’s common enough that they’re looking for a solution to sell that inventory themselves and make more money.”

Currently, DoubleClick estimates that typical ad impressions for major publishers ranges from 10 to 100 million per month, but like most industry observers, they expect that to grow substantially in the near future.

DoubleClick Launches Site-Side Mobile Ad Management, Advertiser Version in Development [ClickZ]