Double Dog Lets You Send, Receive Dares on Mobile

The app allows users to send and receive dares to and from their friends in order to earn in-app points or money.

Flying Manta announced the launch of Double Dog on iOS and Android. The application allows users to send and receive dares to and from their friends in order to earn in-app points or money.

As users complete dares, they need to send photos or videos to their friends to prove they have completed them. Similarly, when a user dares someone, they can receive proof back, and they must approve this proof before the other user will receive their “payment.”

Double Dog Screenshots

When a user receives a dare, they have the option to decline it and “double dog dare” the original sender to complete it instead. If the original sender completes the dare, they receive twice the payment for doing so. However, if the original sender declines the double dog dare, they must pay three times the value of the dare.

When users create dares, they can assign points or their own money to each one. Users can select example dares from a variety of categories, like Selfie, Karaoke and Opinion (among others), or they can write their own dares.

In addition to sending and receiving dares, users can browse photos and videos of dares completed by others, and they can post likes and comments on this content. Finally, users can follow others within the app to see their shared photos and videos on a “following” feed.

In a statement, Rodrigo Carvalho, CEO of Flying Manta, commented:

Our goal is not only to build a community of watchers and players, but also to enable people to discover their creativity while making real money at the same time. Double Dog is reinventing how people interact, and we can’t wait to see what else our players come up with.

Double Dog is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.