Double Dog Dare You

facemug.jpgOver at CBS’ Public Eye blog, Vaughn Ververs is a little puzzled. Last week’s all-GOP panel created quite the kerfuffle. Whole days of kerfuffle actually. Email complaints galore.

This week’s panel was “fair and balanced”–one GOPer and one Democrat. Except both guests criticized Harriet Miers, the President’s nominee. There didn’t end up being a pro-President guest on the show. Some balance, right? Vaughn was expecting another firestorm.

Grand total of the criticism? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

So what does that say about the wingnuts who spend their days complaining about balance on TV? Vaughn goes with the even-handed response: “Ideological opponents of the president and the Republican party who saw bias in three Republican guests discussing issues threatening their power saw nothing at all wrong with two senators raising troubling questions about a Republican nominee to the Supreme Court. Politics as usual isn’t something just practiced in Washington anymore.”

Nothing quite like a double standard, is there?