Dotster Hires Nicole Miller, Has to Settle for Bud

An interesting story from both the equally curious worlds of domain registry and fashion, so much so that we read the press release twice to make sure we had it right. Dotster, a web company, has hired big time fashion designer, Nicole Miller, to create uniforms for the Dotster Dots, the women who will show up at trade shows to giggle at morons asking for their phone numbers and pass out free key-chains. But we suppose having Miller at the helm will help save these poor women from the typical uniform of high heels and bikinis (are we radically generalizing here? yes, we are. but it’s our blog and we can do what we want to with it. hmph!). Here’s from Bud, Nicole Miller’s CEO:

“Nicole Miller is delighted to be designated as official fashion designer for the Dotster Dots,” says Bud Konheim, Nicole Miller CEO. “Plus, Dotster’s high value, low cost ‘MyInternet’ program is a perfect fit for young designers and artists who need web presence, but are budget sensitive.”

Bud was later reported to say, “Now excuse me, I’m going to go have dinner. Plus, salad is very good for you, with its healthy variety of low-calorie topping options, delicious dressings to choose from, and it’s perfect for those budget sensitive people who only own a fork.”