Dots and Plates! Macho and You!


If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, which maybe one of us will, assuming they don’t get hitched to a Wayne Newton impersonator while in Vegas this week (Don’t go for the fake, Alissa! Go for the real deal! He’s right there!), you’d be silly not to attend Rafael Macho and Jerome Curchod’s gallery opening at Peel Studio on June 17th. Rafael, who we’ve talked to a handful of times, and who we think is a might swell guy, is an amazing designer, a guy who used to work at Imaginary Forces (one of the big-big names in the mo-graf world), and whose work you’ve likely seen in any number of your daily television viewings. Well this time around, his work, and Curchod’s, aren’t moving at all, for this, their dual opening, entitled, “Dots & Plates.” Check out the couple of prints they’re showing off at Peel’s site, then make plans to hightail it down to Hollywood for the big to-do. We’re 111% sure you won’t be sorry.