Dot Parker Society Makes For Strange Drinking Bedfellows

Dorothy Parker might have been replete with witty epithets at every turn, so it makes sense that epithet-strewing bloggers would be her biggest fans, and perhaps by default, the most strident members of her club.

The Los Angeles chapter of the Dorothy Parker Society convened last night in one of Parker’s former watering holes, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Pictured at a night of serious Parker-style imbibing were: Brian Diedrick, vice president of the Parker Society and blogger at; Adrienne Crew, President of the Parker Society and blogger for; Anthony McCartney, courthouse reporter for Associated Press in L.A.; Gretchen Parker, blogger at; Jessica Weil, an online media consultant; and FBLA’s Dan Cox.

The group started out with a round of drinks (note glasses on table), then followed that up with more drinks. Then after suffering through a semi-dramatic reading of Parker’s “A Christmas Fable,” got back to more drinking. In all, there were plenty of mordant laughs (and did we mention the drinks?) as Crew was determined to set up a Dorothy Parker-style party at Chateau Marmont (where, she dutifully explained, Parker resided from 1940-42). No word on whether she was serious, but seriously serious about the effort.

Meanwhile, it was the biting lines she wrote that were Parker’s passion. And she was most eloquent when it came to her favorite sport: drinking.

I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I’m under the table,
after four I’m under my host.

We couldn’t say it any better ourselves.