Dorothy Lucey Makes a Left Turn to… Current TV!?

Although recently departed Good Day LA co-host Dorothy Lucey is a “self-professed political junkie,” it’s safe to say Al Gore’s Current TV was very low on the over-under list of places she would wind up next.

In what FishbowlLA applauds as a brilliant example of mixing it up, Lucey will co-host tonight’s edition of The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur. We’ll be sure to update this item later with a link or embed of the video.

What to expect? A TYT rep tells us:

“The big news of the day is Obama’s deportation policy change. They’re going to break down the genius of his political move and Dorothy will join in on the discussion. They’re also doing a segment about the “Checks and the City” controversy – last night Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a big fundraiser at her home in NYC and the Republicans went nuts about it. Dorothy will speak to Hollywood’s involvement in the presidential campaign race. Also, they will be discussing drone attacks, and Rolling Stone contributor Michael Hastings will be on for that part.”

“The idea for Lucey to co-host was Cenk’s and Steve Lange, our executive producer. When Cenk did a Wednesday guest spot on GDLA, he was on with Dorothy and she was never really allowed to express herself politically so they invited her on the show and she said yes.”

On this early summer Friday, tonight’s broadcast (4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET) definitely ranks as must-C-TV.

Update – 06/15/12: Here’s a taste from today’s program. More clips at

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