Doritos’ New iD3 Interactive Game Adds A Little More Flavor With Facebook Connect

Doritos has teamed with We Are Social to launch a unique marketing campaign to guess the flavor of the new iD3 Doritos. The iD3 site uses Facebook Connect to pull personal information and photos into a multimedia choose-your-own-adventure game. This adds an increased level of personalization to the game, and is another good example of how brands can take advantage of Facebook Connect to make their marketing campaigns more engaging – reminiscent of the Prototype site we saw last month.


The game revolves around an underground group that is stealing identities, and play is broken into three episodes, with a mix of interactive 3D levels, sound recognition, interactive scenes and film content. The game opens with your character waking to the police banging at the door. After being taken to the police station, you find out that a crime ring has stolen your identity, and the authorities want you to infiltrate the group to discover the identity of the elusive boss.

The first episode is currently online, and entering a code found in marked bags of Doritos iD3 lets you start the game, as well as making you eligible for any prizes. The final two episodes will be released in mid and late August, so you’ll have to check back in to see if you can rescue your identity and help the cops take down the head honcho.