STUDY: Doritos, M&M’s and More Score Perception Bumps with Super Bowl Previews

You may have heard that there’s a sporting event coming up this Sunday and that every brand in the world wants to make the most of it.

Everyone in the PR/marketing/advertising world wondered whether this year’s decision to allow the public to watch full ads before the game would help the brands that participated, and a new survey from our friends at YouGov confirms that it did, indeed.

Doritos is the top “improver” in all three of the study’s categories: word-of-mouth, online buzz and, most importantly, purchase consideration. While YouGov notes that Doritos included kids and animals in three of its whopping five “Crash the Super Bowl” ads, researchers credit this brilliant spot for the bounce:

OK, that was pretty good. More winners after the jump:

Two other brands appeared near the top of all three lists: AXE and Cheerios.

The reasoning behind these findings is pretty clear: AXE’s attempt to move 180 degrees away from its status as a product aimed at pimply 15-year-old boys seems to have worked, though the “Make Love Not War” spot is just as ridiculous as the brand’s previous ads in its own way:

The Cheerios bump also makes sense. We all remember how much attention the brand got for its interracial family ad and its well-executed “we stand by our message despite the fact that YouTube commenters are the most predictably racist group of people on the planet” stance.

The brand’s decision to feature the family again in this follow-up spot leaves us suspecting that (gasp) they planned it this way all along!!

Nice move, GM.

The other big winner was M&M’s, though the brands gains were limited to the “buzz” category thanks to its not-in-any-way predictable twerking spot:

It’s worth noting that M&M’s pursued a slightly different strategy by releasing this clip as a “teaser.”

So what do we think, readers? Which video do we like best—and which brand scored the biggest win in terms of pre-game hype?