Doritos Creates Tweet-Powered Stage for SXSW

DoritosWe recently told you about the success of Hot Wheels’ tweet-powered vending machine, and speculated as to what sort of real-world device would be powered by customers’ tweets next, but even we hadn’t thought of this

To kick off its first ever global ad campaign “For the Bold”, Doritos has taken the concept to the next level (or maybe even the level beyond that) by building a 62-foot-tall, tweet-powered concert stage designed to look like a giant vending machine at SXSW.

The high-tech platform will take tweets featuring the hastag #BoldStage and use them as real-time concert controls. This means that viewers can harness their unprecedented power to choose the show’s opening act, handpick the set list, control the special effects, and send pictures of themselves rocking out directly to the four-story screen in the arena (all with only a 9.6-second lag time).

Sounds a little crazy, no?

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then we envision all the performers being completely eclipsed by incessant lasers, heavy fog, and seizure-inducing strobe lights while photos of various wardrobe malfunctions and “Hi, Mom!” signs appear in quick succession on the giant screen. We aren’t huge proponents of censorship, but we do hope there are some safeguards in place to prevent the whole thing from dissolving into utter chaos before L.L. Cool J can make it through the first verse of “I Need Love.”

Speaking of L. L., here’s a (slightly rambling) video of him introducing the interactive Doritos SXSW stage. And as a final word, we’ll just say that however you choose to use your new-found power, just make sure you wipe the Doritos dust off your fingers before beginning your furious tweeting – that stuff turns everything orange and it sticks. You’re welcome.