Doritos and 8 Other Brands That Took Digital Bites Out of #Sharknado3 Buzz

Nascar got lucky, product placement killed

Doritos may have been the most dedicated marketer for Syfy's Sharknado 3 last night, pushing its brand via mobile-video ads before the telecast as well as with Twitter promos and TV spots during it. According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, the chip fared pretty well, finishing fifth among the show's top nine brands when it came to cross-Web consumption among digital viewers.

More importantly, Doritos scored the highest when considering brands that weren't in the actual movie, whether their appearance was random or among Syfy's product-placement advertisers. (Sharknado's closing credits showed the following product-placement marketers: MillerCoors; Lumber Liquidators; Benefit Cosmetics; Xfinity; Dyson; Universal Studios; Zynga; Stone Management; and Subway.)

And then there was Nascar—which apparently didn't pay for its appearance—generating 72 percent as much Sharknado-associated chatter as Universal, per Amobee. The online buzz was prompted by an action scene in which flying sharks mauled everyone at a Nascar race.

GIF: Dianna McDougall/Sharknado 3

Amobee measured roughly 600,000 Web, social and mobile sites to see which brands killed during the two-hour TV movie and mined millions of online views to index which brands got the most plugs. It then gave the top marketer a 100 percent grade—Universal Pictures, in this case—and assigned percentages to other brands according to how they compared.

Three of the top four performers had product placement as members of Syfy's corporate family at Comcast, including Universal Pictures (No. 1), Xfinity (No. 2) and Comcast (No. 4). Universal garnered the most buzz—thanks to the flick's scenes featuring theme-park rides that actually exist at Universal Orlando. Benefit Cosmetics' product placement helped it reel in 15 percent as much buzz as Universal got, while Sharknado commercial advertisers Pizza Hut, Jack Link's and were more or less blips on the radar.

Overall, here is how the top nine brands fared during the show, per Amobee:

1. Universal Studios

2. Xfinity

3. Nascar

4. Comcast

5. Doritos

6. Benefit Cosmetics

7. Pizza Hut

8. Jack Link's


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