Fifteen Years Later, Columnist Finally Gets to Interview Doris Day

Some celebrity interview requests take longer than others to come to fruition. Rarely though do they span the length of four U.S. presidential terms, as is the case with Roger Friedman and Doris Day.

Friedman spoke to to Day for Parade magazine, but it is on his blog that he provides the intriguing journalistic back story. He thought all was lost a few years ago when the actress’ publicist Linda Dozoretz passed away. However, that was before Day decided, at age 87, to release this month a new album. Per Friedman:

A very nice man, Bob Bashara, who works with Doris’s animal rights foundation contacted me and said at last, an interview would be possible. I think I was more shocked than Doris when a great publicist in LA, Charley Walters, put together our phone call. The interview happened to follow by two hours the announcement that Doris’s famous recording of “Que Sera Sera” had been put into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

In the advance, shortened version posted today of Friedman’s Christmas Day Parade Q&A, Day shares a bittersweet memory of Rock Hudson.