Dorie Greenspan Gets a New York Times Magazine Column and It’s All About Dessert

Let's take a pause and talk cookies

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Can we think about dessert for a moment? The New York Times Magazine sure thinks we can, and it has a new column devoted to the pursuit of the perfect cookie, or pie, or the many other combinations of flour, butter, sugar, et. al. that transform into the magical bite of happiness we all need in these weighty times.

The author of this new monthly column is Dorie Greenspan, who is fresh off her latest James Beard Award for the very on the nose Dorie’s Cookies. New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein is pretty excited, about the column and the book itself. “Last night she won her FIFTH James Beard Award,” he wrote by way of introduction in a note to staff, “this time for her amazing book Dorie’s Cookies, which–just get it; it’s so good.”

Greenspan’s first column is out now and will appear in print in the magazine on Sunday. In it, she describes how she got into baking and the learning curve that led to a “knishless” night thanks to one failed early try.