Doppelgangers Replace Zynga Parasites on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Take a look below for our weekly list of the most quickly growing apps with under a million monthly users on Facebook. We source these lists from AppData, which tracks a number of metrics.

Over on our sister site Inside Social Games, the big news is that Gangster City, the new Playfish challenger to Mafia Wars, has passed a million users. Here, it’s that the list is suddenly free of FarmVille parasites, non-Zynga apps that lure in users with fake gifts purportedly from Zynga’s most popular game. It’s not that Facebook is banning the apps. Instead, users just appear to be getting wise to the scam.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. My City Life 698,494 +535,098 +76.61
2. Truth about friends 523,925 +523,784 +99.97
3. Go to Hell 273,931 +257,768 +94.10
4. FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger 294,772 +223,025 +75.66
5. MiniPlanet 558,648 +221,714 +39.69
6. 你問我答 894,879 +159,799 +17.86
7. Sanalika 501,359 +147,149 +29.35
8. Horoscope Today 654,510 +146,056 +22.32
9. Akinator 928,309 +145,403 +15.66
10. Kingdoms of Camelot 670,480 +133,490 +19.91
11. The Pink Ribbon 633,857 +119,933 +18.92
12. FacéDouble Twins Doppelganger 149,280 +116,615 +78.12
13. Show Some Love! 759,537 +111,542 +14.69
14. Jumping Dog 108,671 +108,655 +99.99
15. Funflow 101,589 +101,414 +99.83
16. Lovers 133,098 +100,885 +75.80
17. Flowers for Friends 503,076 +100,625 +20.00
18. Kampanyalar 115,026 +92,508 +80.42
19. Snaptu 540,236 +90,080 +16.67
20. SPP Ranch! 186,246 +89,777 +48.20

No apps held over from last week to this one. Despite the lack of Zynga parasites, the usual lack of depth is apparent in most of the new Facebook apps surfacing. One that is fairly interesting, though, is FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger, which is probably built by the web site of the same name.

The matching technology in FaceDouble isn’t perfect, but the app has borrowed Hot or Not style voting to go through potential pairs. You can also choose to view only friends — although it appears that functionality is broken. It could be that the pairs shown are simply pre-picked, and there’s no technology at all behind the app. You’ll also notice FacéDouble Twins Doppelganger further down, which is itself a doppelganger of the Celebrity app.

Horoscope Today, last week’s number one, has dropped down to number eight, and will probably continue to fall. Arrayed around it are a trio with a little more staying power, and one thing in common: none are in English. They’re 你問我答, Sanalika (in Turkish) and Akinator (in French). Sanalika has been slowly, but steadily growing, while the other two, which are also both quiz apps, are about ready to pass a million users.

Last is Show Some Love!. As you might guess, this is a poke-style app for pestering one’s friends. In exchange for doing so, you get “love bucks”. But users appear to like the app well enough; it has appeared on this list consistently for a few weeks.

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