Doonesbury Comics Find Online Home at WaPo

The Washington Post is now the home for all things Doonesbury. The paper announced today that has been relocated to Along with Gary Trudeau’s work, the site will feature lots of other nifty features, including:

BLOWBACK: A moderated forum of interesting comments on the strip from readers around the world.
FAQ: Answers to reader queries about the strip and its long and complex history and plotlines. “How did Mike and Kim meet?” We’ll show you.
SAYWHAT?: Highlights a notable odd, inexplicable or embarrassing comment by a public figure, five days a week.
MUDLINE: A scrolling line of negative sound bites each week by public figures, primarily political players and pundits.
FLASHBACKS: A page which allows you to read the strip in eight different timeframes daily– 5,10,15,20,25,30,35 and 40 years ago. Fans can see how past storylines explain and connect to those of the present.
THE SANDBOX: A collection of almost 800 posts by 150 soldiers, including those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, returned vets as well as writing by caregivers and spouses.
YALE STRIPS: The original proto-Doonesbury strip “Bull Tales,” which ran in the Yale Daily News.

Check it out here.