Doomsday Defense Offers “Unrivalled” Tower Defense Gameplay in English Market

Doomsday Defense is a graphically-polished tower defense game for Facebook from free-to-play massively multiplayer online game developer IGG Inc., which began aggressively launching social games a year ago. The game launched in February and enjoyed a brief period of growth with an all-time high of 737,000 monthly active users and 103,000 daily active users, but then lost momentum after about a month. Recently, the game clawed its way back into our weekly growth lists of fastest-growing games with present-day users clocking in at 229,000 MAU and 32,000 DAU.

Gameplay in Doomsday Defense has several modes. There’s Player vs Environment (PvE), which tasks the player with building tower defenses against computer-controlled enemy units. There is also Player vs Player (PvP), where attacking forces are sent by opposing players instead of the computer. Lastly, the game incorporates a castle-building element that grants the player advantages in both PvE and PvP gameplay modes.

“From the beginning we wanted to make the gameplay easy enough for casual players to jump right in, yet also deep enough for more advanced users to have fun,” says Mark H. Zhang of developer IGG Inc. “With diversified maps, gorgeous towers and ‘ugly’ monsters, we have higher quality graphics than other tower defense games on Facebook. The unique combination of PvE and PvP also sets us apart. While there’s a similar [tower defense] product in the Taiwanese market, there’s no direct rival in the English market.”

The game is monetized through the sales of resources, blueprints for towers, workers and numerous boost items. The game features two types of in-game currency: vouchers and cash. Cash is the premium currency which players can acquire by paying with credit card or PayPal. Currently, Facebook Credits are not a payment option in the game, though Zhang says that this is a “work in progress” and should find its way into the game soon. Cash is also available via an offer wall.

Doomsday Defense is still under active development, but Zhang and his team are currently focusing their efforts on Galaxy Online II, IGG’s second-most successful Facebook game after GodsWar. Zhang tells us that future plans for Doomsday include enriching the quest system and adding a wider variety of monsters and towers to make the game “more challenging and engaging.”

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