Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes Launches on iOS

Doodle Jump DC Super HeroesLima Sky has partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to release a new mobile title in the popular Doodle Jump franchise: Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes. Beginning with Batman, the game will feature gameplay and environments inspired by the greatest heroes and villains from DC Comics, including Superman and Wonder Woman. In this initial version, players chase down villains using Batman’s superior technology in order to save Gotham City.

In each game of Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes, players tilt their device to guide The Doodler (dressed as Batman) ever higher into the sky as they bounce off of platforms, tapping on the screen to shoot Batarangs at enemies that move around the environment. Players must avoid collapsable platforms that provide no “bounce,” explosive platforms that detonate after getting too close, and more.

Doodle Jump DC Super HeroesThe game also includes boss encounters against Batman’s rivals, including The Joker, Penguin and Mr. Freeze. These characters appear within the stage, challenging players to not only tap on these enemies to attack them, but also not lose their balance as they continue to bounce on platforms.

After each game, players can spend their collected currency on upgrades for the game, including better trampolines and longer shields, as well as upgraded powers for the Bat-Copter and Bat-Jet. All of these are meant to help players survive longer before falling back down to Earth, but gamers can spend currency or watch videos to keep going even after they’ve fallen.

The Doodler himself also levels up over time, which increases the power of the crystal (currency) magnet, the Batarang, and so on. Finally, players can purchase Head Start boosts to get them back up to speed quickly the next time around.

“We at Lima Sky are thrilled to bring Doodle Jump into the amazing worlds of DC Comics Super Heroes,” said Igor Pusenjak, co-founder of Lima Sky, in a statement. “We’ve been lifelong fans of the Batman universe and brand.”

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game will come to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore next year.