Donut Games launches Sunday Lawn Seasons on iOS, Google Play

Image via Donut Games
Image via Donut Games

Donut Games has announced the release of Sunday Lawn Seasons, the sequel to its original Sunday Lawn. Sunday Lawn Seasons sees our hero Charlie from the first game expanding his business to do more than just mow lawns during the summer. Now, he will take care of leaves during the fall, snow during the winter and more.

Sunday Lawn Seasons offers three seasons of levels, each with a different theme and goal. In the Autumn levels, Charlie vacuums leaves with his Leaf Devourer 5000. In Winter, he shovels snow, and in Spring, he uses fertilizer to bring the dead winter lawn back to life with lush grass.

Players complete stages in Sunday Lawn Seasons by moving Charlie around every empty square in a lawn, while avoiding obstacles like dogs and cats. Players may need to move their tool over buttons to unlock otherwise inaccessible areas, and power-ups appear on the board to help Charlie move faster (for example).

Sunday Lawn Seasons is now available to download as a universal app for $0.99 on iOS and for free on Google Play. Check back soon to track Sunday Lawn Seasons on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.