Don't Write 'Happy Birthday' On Facebook, Auto-Tune It!

Auto-Tune Birthday lets you record and edit a greeting for posting on your friend's Facebook wall.

StarMaker Interactive has just launched a new app called Auto-Tune Birthday, which lets you sing and record “Happy Birthday” on your phone, edit the recording and post it to your friend’s Facebook wall.

As silly as the idea may sound at first, think about it: We’re all just really tired of having to write to people – – friends, frenemies, or family – – happy birthday on Facebook, aren’t we?

Seriously, it’s getting difficult to keep those wishes fresh, funny, or even whole-hearted anymore.

One cool thing about Auto-Tune Birthday is that it uses the original Auto-Tune voice processor from Antares. This means you get to use the real deal to correct your off-pitch vocal “performance.”

In addition, the app comes with ten versions of the birthday song, including hip-hop, orchestral, and samba. You can also add personal messages and include a photo to attach to the recording.

A bittersweet feature is the way it appears on your friend’s wall: Sure, you want everyone to know you blew it out of the park by actually putting in the effort to record, auto-tune, and add a picture to your birthday greeting for your friend, but does the actual banner have to be such a blatant advertisement for the application itself? It would be nice if the message, “Jorge sang you Happy Birthday!” was the focus of the banner, instead of or in conjunction with the brand.

Auto-Tune Birthday is available for one buck on iPhones, iPod touch, and iPads only. If the app goes viral, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be available on other mobile devices as well. The team at StarMaker might also want to develop a desktop version –it might be a bit embarrasing for some to have to sing Happy Birthday on their phones, presumably while at work or on the street.

Watch a (strange) demo of how the app works below this post, and let us know what you think. Have you tried Auto-Tune Birthday already? Do you think the app has hit potential?