Don’t Understand A Hashtag? What The Trend Has The Answer (But You Might Not Like It)

Hashtags are hard to explain to people who don’t use twitter. But even as an avid twitterer, there are times when I’m wondering who or what people are talking about and why. That’s why I’m grateful for What the Trend. Not only does it give you what’s trending now, it explains them too.

What I thought would be on there is nowhere near what I found. See, I thought I’d see big events that are happening around the world – crises, gatherings, market ups and downs, political rallying, etc. Here’s what I found instead:

#bieberchristmas –  @justinbieber  making a Christmas album and donating all the money to charity.

#10thingsidrelive – people love Justin Bieber so much that they want to tell him how awesome he is. Now it’s not all about Justin, but there are a bunch more trending topics about him I haven’t listed.

#byesally – Sally Bercow has been evicted from the Big Brother house in the UK. Really? That show’s still going? Is it 2002 (check) still? Well, it’s number 8 on the list, so it must be big. And speaking of big, at number 9,

#TerenceJ – This co-host from BET’s 106 + Park has “come back from a break.” and according to WTT, ” He has also gained weight.” Well thank goodness they cleared that up because it would have been driving me crazy all week long.

I am shocked by the utter influx of pop culture topics trending. I start to think that it must be the day. So I wait and check in the next day and it’s no better – #TaylorSwift and #teasongs appear, along with some world soccer references.

Then I realize that I’ve been just looking at the top trends in the US and Canada. Checking out what’s hopping in the Phillippines, I am relieved to see that there are some news-based topics to be found: #prayforlondon, #londonriots and #happywomensday.

But whether I’m checking out the trends in Columbia or India (where Cowboys & Aliens is trending), there is a strong showing towards celebrities and pop stars.

So while I thought it was just us North Americans for awhile, proves to be wrong. But shouldn’t that be disturbing?

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I’d decided that it’s not. It’s the beast that is Twitter. Out lives are full of mortgage payments, trying to keep our jobs secure and finding enough money to go to the movies that now costs the price of a really smart pair of pants.

Life is hard and we’re surrounded by daily tragedies, so if people need to talk about these supposed inane topics throughout the day, it doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about more serious issues or struggling with morality on a daily basis. It’s just that they’ve been stuck behind a pile of paperwork for the last three hours and the last thing anyone wants to talk about is the tragic events happening around the world.

Either that or we’re going to hell in a hand basket.

At least we’ll have the Biebster to sing us out.

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