Don’t touch that dial, Comrade. Langley is listening.

Fishbowl is certain you’ve heard of and that you’ve been waiting feverishly for its immediate relaunch, exact moment still TBD. Right? For instance, what other news outlet would tell you that the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (which controls all non-military broadcasting in this country) spent $577 million this last fiscal year to promote us to the world, an amount that includes every new pro-American station overseas?
And while you swallow that figure, where else can you sample all the voices of the enemy in one convenient spot? CR has amassed an unprecedented “open-file” archive of practically every political radio station on Earth, complete with a dossier analyzing each station’s relative importance and degree of political radicalism. It’s your very own CIA-in-a-can! Rumsfeld favorites such as Voz de la Resistencia Chilena, Revolutionary Voice of Zimbabwe and Voice of Mojahed are sure to have thrilled the NSA boys at Ft. Meade, which is probably why CR has been off the air since June 17, 2004, though its owners swear on their website that they’re about to come back on. In this political environment, boys, you’d better bring a big aerial and boost the signal up past 11. Because the interference has gotten pretty strong since you’ve been away.