Don’t Send the Attachments, Go To Them

If you’re involved in sending pretty much anyone to anybody, particularly in the world of print, you’re likely a little familiar with a little software/file format Adobe came up with called Acrobat and PDF, respectively. If you are, or heck, even if you just like being next to Disney World in Orlando, maybe now is the time to hit up your boss to attend Adobe’s big PDF conference. Happening next week and sounds like a lot going on. Here’s some:

Thirty sessions spread over two days, combined with an opportunity to attend in-depth pre-conference and post-conference training session affords you a wealth of PDF information in one location. The conference is organized in three separate tracks. These three distinct tracks meet the needs of CIOs and technology managers, PDF users, IT professionals, graphics professionals, and creative professionals.

The User track is for those responsible for creating, sharing and using PDF files. Sessions are focused on making users more efficient with Adobe Acrobat and other PDF software. Sessions include creating optimized PDFs for print and web publishing, editing PDF files, securing PDF files and converting documents to PDF.

The Technical track provides the technical details necessary for implementing PDF solutions. Sessions in this conference track include subsetting and routing PDF and JavaScript & PDF.

In the Graphics track, you will discover solutions for creating and using PDF in a professional print environment. Sessions include best practices, case studies, preflighting, and discussion of new and emerging PDF technologies. Software solutions from Adobe and other PDF vendors are included.