Don’t like Facebook ads? Facebook wants to know what you do like

Facebook has recently begun asking users to “tell us what you like” after they hide an ad. The module then links to the page discovery browser, which presents a number of pages that users can Like and add to their interests.

When users see a Facebook ad they don’t care for, they can click the X that appears in the top right corner. The ad will be hidden and users can indicate why they didn’t like the ad. This week we noticed that after this step, Facebook now prompts users to visit the pages browser. The site, which Facebook introduced in 2010, shows icons of pages that are popular in a user’s country, but also factors in pages which are popular among their friends.

Getting users to Like more pages will help Facebook show users more relevant ads. Even though it’s advertisers who choose their target audience and users who define who they are on the site, the social network often gets the blame when users see ads they don’t relate to. For example, one analyst from BTIG got some press on Thursday for claiming that Facebook’s mobile ads are mostly irrelevant to him.

While poorly targeted ads can be jarring to users, well-targeted ads range from unobtrusive to even useful. We’ve heard that Facebook is looking at a number of ways to get users to add more pages to their interests, including promoting the page discovery browser in different places around the site. In addition to this recent implementation when users hide ads, the social network has also been including links to it in News Feed since March.

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