Don’t Forget to Tip

Look up and to your right. See that little box under the eBookNewser tagline (“The First Word On Digital Publishing”): it’s an anonymous tip box. MediaBistro moved it from some much more obscure place on the page so you can actually see–and hopefully send us your tips, anonymously.


What does eBookNewser want to know? Obviously Apple’s secrets, but if you ain’t got access to those, we’d love to hear if a new gadget’s got a glitch. We’d love to hear if the publisher you work for has struck a a new eBook deal. Maybe you’re following somebody on Twitter that we’re not and they said something smart. Maybe your Toyota doesn’t stop when you hit the breaks…wait, wrong blog.

Anyway, if you’ve got eBook news to share, we’d love to hear it. Just type it in that box and click send.