Don’t Download the Fake Instagram Android App

The security hounds over at Sophos have discovered a Russian website which is trying to sell you a fake version of Instagram for Android.  When you click the application, you do get sent to an install page, and it seems as if you are downloading Instagram but you’re actually downloading an imitation app that seems to be sending “background SMS messages to earn its creators revenue.”

The application page looks like the image below, so if you do end up downloading Instagram from this page then you know you’re in trouble.

Sophos is reporting the malware as the “Andr/Boxer-F” program, and reports that the malicious application could definitely cost you money.  An interesting note is that when they deconstructed the malicious file, they found a bunch of photos of a random man, potentially to fool the virus checkers by changing the nature of the malicious file itself.

Incredibly, after a request by Sophos, a reader discovered that the photo is just a funny photo that’s been circulating around the web because the man was so out of place in a wedding photo.

Read more about the malware here and take care!