Don’t Buy An eReader Yet, Says Fox


Many of you may be disinclined to listen to anything Fox News says, so read on at your own risk. In an article updated today on, former PC Magazine editor Harry McCracken runs down the current state of the eReader market–all the news you know, like the Nook shipping delays and shoddy firmware–and then offers his readers some advice: hold off on buying an eReader until mid 2010.

Why? Again, for all the reasons you know: Barns & Noble will update the Nook, Amazon may update the Kindle, Plastic Logic will release its reader, there may be an Apple tablet. Mostly, waiting means more choices and better hardware.

This is the kind of article that’s popping up everywhere this holiday season, meant to explain (and create) the eBook trend for the less tech savvy. So the kind of person who would be reading this blog and even more tech-and-gadget oriented publications won’t find much new in McCracken’s article.

What is important to note, however, is the fact that a few of the not-so-early adopters will listen to McCracken, if only out of frustration with eReader shipping delays, and wait for the next big next big thing. And perhaps they should–this has been a hectic December, with everybody rushing to get their eReaders out the door and into stores. There have been casualties, like the early reception of the Nook. Companies like Plastic Logic are being much more careful, taking their time, presumably getting the product right before letting it out of the bag. But, then again, everybody might already have an eReader by the time Plastic Logic’s Que is available (the company is previewing it on January 7 at CES). 2010 will no doubt be an interesting year for eBooks.