Donors Help Sponsor More Than 200,000 Student Subscriptions to The New York Times

A really good start to a program launched this month

Turns out The New York Times’ strong subscriber showing of recent months extends to those willing to pay for others’ subscriptions as well. In November of last year, the publication began receiving contributions and interest from readers who wanted to buy subscriptions in bulk for other readers.

Using this development as inspiration, the publication announced its sponsor a subscription program on Feb. 3, officially launching the donation site on Feb. 9.

The program offers a non-tax deductible donation opportunity for those interested in helping to sponsor Times subscriptions for students in the United States, with the Times, for its part, offering a one-for-one match of every subscription funded by donors. Two weeks in, and the total amount of contributions, which have ranged on the individual level from $4 to $20,000, have been enough to support digital subscription for 209,000 students since the launch. The figure is inclusive of those subscriptions matched by the Times.

The program’s pay-it-forward approach, which brings the Times to those who may be unable to afford subscriptions by those who can, has some added benefits for the Times as well, helping them cultivate a new, young base of Times readers.