Donny Deutsch: I Couldn’t Keep The Ann Coulter Interview on Track


Lloyd Grove’s interview with Donny Deutsch covered the shocking remarks Ann Coulter made on his show. From Portfolio:

”Donnie Deutsch: It was disappointing what happened, to tell you the truth. [Last week Coulter claimed on The Big Idea that Christians are ‘perfected Jews,’ and Deutsch, a self-described practicing Jew, told her, ‘I’m offended by that personally.’ I think my show is about success and the American dream. I didn’t have Ann on to argue and fight. I had Ann on to really talk about a very successful business model. I even started the interview: ‘Love her, hate her, she has a business model that works,’ and I kept trying to keep the interview on that. And she said, ‘Oh it’s not a business model, I believe what I say, da da da da.’ I unfortunately failed in that interview because I pride myself that my show is really a nighttime positive talk show, and I couldn’t keep it on track.”

72 % of FishbowlNY readers voted that media organizations should stop inviting Ann Coulter because she says outrageous things for the attention.

(image via truthdig)