Donation Drives Work!

Paste Magazine has raised $166,000 in donations in the week since it announced it needed an influx of cash to stay in business, the AP reports. The music rag was struggling due to a sharp decline in ad revenue.

Editor in chief Josh Jackson says that money is more than half the needed cash.

Donors received exclusive tracks from almost 80 bands including the Indigo Girls, the Decemberists, Josh Rouse and Matthew Sweet, who all donated the tracks in support of Paste.

Meanwhile, over at consumer affairs blog The Consumerist, readers kicked in over $8,000 for the blog’s inaugural pledge drive. A bit less than the $2 per reader Ben Popken etc. were hoping for, but perhaps not a bad showing for a blog. Readers—donors and non-donors alike—will be rewarded with a video of parent company Consumer Reports testing a Snuggie.

Aaand here’s the Snuggie vid, after the jump: