Donate Without Spending Money

A new application called Ripple helps you donate money to a charity without spending your own money. The way it works is when you add the application ads are displayed on your profile. 100% of the money raised is donated to charity. It is a great concept. The only problem I had was when I added the application the ads took up way too much space. It looked relatively cluttered. As people are already complaining about profiles beginning to look cluttered with all the new applications, this simply contributes to the clutter. What would be nice is if there was a single link under the user’s profile picture that says something along the lines of “Click Here for Charity.” I had previously created a similar strategy with Google adwords with the Click4Katrina website. Unfortunately it was in violation of the Google AdWords policy so it was quickly banned. That’s a different story though. If you want to help contribute to a cause without spending any money check out the I, Ripple application.