Donate Unused Twitter Characters To #Hashtags4Heroes To Help Wounded Soldiers

Do you use all 140 characters available to you in every tweet? Of course not. What if we told you that you could put those unused characters to good use? Well, hold on to your hat – because you can.

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month,  check out Hashtags4Heroes, an ingenious campaign designed to raise awareness and advocacy for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and the servicemen and women it supports.

Raytheon and the Wounded Warrior Project have come up with a pretty painless way for you to help wounded soldiers – donate unused characters in your tweets. But what does this mean exactly?

During the month of May, you can raise awareness of the needs of injured service members by downloading a simple and free add-on that auto-populates any unused characters in your tweet with a message that shows your support for wounded warriors.

Here’s how it looks when you start writing your tweet. The words in blue are the auto-populated content:

The auto-populated message shrinks as your tweet gets longer. Again, the blue copy is the auto-populated part:

Check out this video to see it live in action.

The Wounded Warrior Project seeks to “honor and empower wounded warriors.”

  • To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members.
  • To help injured service members aid and assist each other.
  • To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.

And Raytheon wants to help. The company is a major supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, providing a $2.5 million grant that supports WWP education programs, information technology training and employment assistance services.

“Hashtags4Heroes uses the power of social media to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project and its efforts on behalf of armed services veterans,” said Pam Wickham, Raytheon vice president of Corporate Affairs and Communications. “Although we can never thank our servicemen and women enough for all they do to defend our nation, this month we collectively salute them and honor all their contributions.”

The Hashtags4Heroes (#HT4H) campaign goal was to achieve 30,000 characters by the end of May – and as you can see, they’ve blown that out of the water, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need your help! So get the app downloaded today! It’s available on Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and for your smartphones too – iPhone (and iPad), Android and BlackBerry.

Check it out and starting donating those unused characters!

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