Donate Food To Oklahoma Tornado Victims With A Tweet

The poor folks in Oklahoma have lost so much over the past couple of days and we bet they’re on your mind.

If you’d like to help them, but didn’t know how, we have a pretty simple way. You can send them food, something they’re in desperate need of, and it’s as easy as sending a tweet.

We told you about Givver before.  It’s a social fundraising site that helps you donate to your favorite causes via Twitter. And it’s focused right now on helping you donate to the people suffering in Oklahoma: 

You’ll need to sign up for the Givver service first, but it’s such a handy service to be signed up for regardless, so well worth a minute of your time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up once and register your credit card info.
  2. Donate by tweeting #give, a dollar amount and @mention your cause, or just Retweet someone else’s tweet donation and Givver charges your credit card.

Where does the money go? Givver has partnered with Feeding America for this effort. And if you can’t count on THEM to make sure this food gets delivered to the intended recipients, you can’t count on anybody:

If you have other easy ways folks can help out, please share them.

(Image from Shutterstock)